Ladies We Love: Rachel Harris Ledet

Ladies We Love: Rachel Harris Ledet

We sent Rachel Harris Ledet of 30|90 Marketing a few questions to answer, and here's what she had to say!

  1. Tell us about your business 30|90 marketing. How long have you been in marketing?


I’ve been in marketing and business development for 17 years. After working in-house for 13 years for various companies, I went out on my own as a consultant and started 30|90 Marketing. I work with all types of client companies now, and I LOVE what I do! No two days are ever the same and I get to help a wide selection of business owners enhance their business opportunities and marketing plans. 


  1. What made you want to start this business?                                                   It started to become obvious to me that I should be consulting when I was giving free advice and guidance to friends and entrepreneurs really frequently. I really enjoyed doing it, and it started to seem like maybe I should start helping other businesses full time. I also love the autonomy of working for myself. I joke that I have a “no-asshole” policy, but truthfully I really enjoy the clients I work with and I love that fact that I get to pick with whom and how I work. For me, this means that I get to thrive in the best way possible. My clients always become my friends and I become intimately familiar with their businesses, which is a win-win!


  1. Walk us through the process of getting clients and coming up with a marketing strategy?                                                                                   Each client is very different. I have technical professionals, nonprofits, retail, events and entertainment, and more. The thing I love about my job is that I get to interview each new business owner or company and really dissect what’s working and not working for them. Because I have a background in Business Development (sale), I always aim to develop a marketing plan that isn’t just pretty, but is highly functional to reach sales targets and attain new business. Determining target audience demographics, sales techniques, and implementing solid communications planning can get you well on your way to attracting the (right) customers.


  1. In business, what are some organization challenges business face?

Running a business is hard. Finding good people, keeping up with finances, always being a salesperson and representative for your brand, planning for the future… it can be overwhelming. I see large and small organizations struggling with very similar challenges. From a marketing perspective we are always trying to solve the puzzle: What do we offer better than anyone else? How do we communicate that message most effectively? What’s the best media to foster authentic connection? 


  1. What are some social media tips to help businesses?

Be true to yourself and your brand. Show your personality and highlight what makes your brand special. Also – consistency is key!


  1. How do you balance being a mom, wife, and business owner?

Depends on the day! Sometimes I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Other days I’m calm, cool, and collected. We have a very active household with four children, rental property, and some side projects that I’m working on in addition to my day job. But honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. My husband is hugely supportive and my parents help a lot. I live and die by my calendar and have learned to be gracious to myself with my time management. This means I plan my week in chunks that are most effective for my work life (writing time, invoicing time, working with clients, kid duties, etc.) I also start working early around 7 am most days so that I can capitalize on my morning energy! I love the flexibility of my lifestyle: I work a TON but I do it within my own structure and schedule.


  1. What is your most favorite summer trend right now? Least favorite trend?

My most favorite trend is probably the rise of the jorts! I always did love jean shorts. Least fave is the super flowy/tiered look because it’s just not flattering on me.


  1. What do you hope trends for Fall look like?                                                    Well, admittedly I’m not trendiest person. But I do love a dress with a great waistline and bold colors like purple, green & red.


  1. Who is your fashion icon?

When I grow up, I want to be J Lo (but that’s probably more to do with athleticism and talent!)


10. What decade of fashion would you say is your favorite?                                     I loved seeing the wardrobing from the 1920s in Downton Abbey! But realistically – my heart is probably stuck somewhere in the late 90s!


   11. What shops/brands are your favorite?                                                              I like to shop local when I can, and I really like to try clothes on. It’s the thrill of the find for me and less about the brand. I’ve found some great finds in the boutiques on the Northshore and on Metairie Road. I also order from Lulus, Pink Lilly, and whatever else I can find. 

  1. What is your favorite place to vacation?                                            Anywhere tropical! My honeymoon was to Antigua, which was amazing. I also love Mexico, St. Lucia, and have a trip booked to the Bahamas next year!


Bonus Question!

What is a random fact about yourself that wouldn’t be on a resume? Like maybe a hidden talent? Or just anything you would like to add about your business!

My business is deeply personal to me. I love it like a family member, and I love working with all types of businesses to grow, expand, and follow their aspirations. 

My hidden talent might be that I love to dance and still dance around the kitchen with my kids all the time. I taught dance class until last year and loved it so much. My dance career had to slow down because our afternoon schedules with our kids got to be too much, but I do hope I can return at some point. Not many (almost) 40 year olds can still do a toe touch 😊

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