Ladies We Love: Christina Trimble

Ladies We Love: Christina Trimble

We sent Christina Trimble of Styled by CBT a few questions to answer, and here's what she had to say!


  1. Tell us about your business Styled by CBT. How long have you been doing styling and organizing? What made you want to start this business?

I have always loved clothes and style. And I have always loved creating relationships with people. My business gives me the opportunity to use my love of clothes to help women (and men!) create wardrobes they feel confident in. I have officially been in business since September of 2021, but have been helping friends and family select clothing for years. I have some close friends and my husband to thank for pushing me to create Styled by CBT and I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given through this little business. 


  1. Walk us through the process of getting clients' closets organized and then re-wardrobed?

It really depends on what the client is looking for. Some have certain events they want an outfit for, some need their whole closet sorted and added to, and some have me shop for them on a regular basis and bring the clothing to their homes for a personal styling session. I have also been able to help women outside of the Houston area by offering virtual stylings, where I create a ‘wardrobe’ of photos that they can shop at their own pace and refresh their wardrobe. 


  1. When working with clients, are people really sentimental about getting rid of items, or do they easily get rid of items?

Most are okay getting rid of items that don’t fit, are worn out/damaged or haven’t been worn in the last year. I encourage them to use that check-list to determine whether or not it stays in their closet. I think so many people hang on to clothing that isn’t working for them in their current season of life, saving it for when it fits/when they have a specific event, and most of the time those clothes will never actually be worn. They also don’t allow you to have space for things that fit and you feel good in! 


  1. How do you balance being a mom, wife, and business owner?

No day looks the same! Being a wife and mom are my top priority, so my business comes second to that busy job. However, this business has given me a creative outlet that I have always wanted and thanks to some amazing babysitters I am able to work with my clients. Late night work also happens after my babies are down! 


  1. What is your most favorite summer trend right now? Least favorite trend?

I am a HUGE fan of dresses, so I love that they are acceptable for pretty much any occasion these days. And they all have such fun details - big sleeves, cutouts, fun prints. Plus, they can be worn with any shoes in your closet! A dress and sneakers is my go-to outfit. My least favorite trend this summer has to be small frame sunglasses. I have always worn larger shades and I just can’t get behind the smaller ones! 


  1. What do you hope trends for Fall look like?

Casual and simple. Sweaters, great jeans, full skirts and simple boots. And of course some great sneakers! 


  1. Who is your fashion icon?

I have always loved following the fashion of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. While their wardrobes don’t include things I wear day to day, I love seeing how they dress. What colors they’re wearing, how they style themselves for different occasions and the hats - I can’t get enough of that fun accessory! 


  1. What decade of fashion would you say is your favorite?

I think I would say the 1960’s. I love that women’s styles became a little more casual and easy going. The shift dresses, slim fit pants with flats, fun patterns and a sense of freedom mark a shift for women in fashion. They started wearing what was more comfortable and had fun with it! I love that, and love seeing these styles in stores today. 


  1. What shops/brands are your favorite?

Shopbop, Nordstrom, J Crew, Madewell, & other stores, Mango, Zara, Target. 

I shop a lot for clients so I get to see a lot of what is available. These stores always have something for me to include in my stylings!


  1. What is your favorite place to vacation?

ALWAYS a beach. It doesn’t matter where it is!


Bonus Question!

What is a random fact about yourself that wouldn’t be on a resume? Like maybe a hidden talent? Or just anything you would like to add about your business! 

I have been to 5 of the 7 continents. Hoping to check them all off my list! 

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